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FY2017 Appropriation of State Taxes
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Self-Exclusion Reform Takes Effect July 24th

The Iowa Legislature passed SF 442 in its 2017 session. The bill makes changes to the statewide voluntary self-exclusion program. Several revisions were required to prepare for compliance of this new law, such as new forms to complete and new programming on the IGA self-exclusion database to reflect a person’s changed status. This required a few extra weeks before becoming effective.

Primary components of the new law include:

  • Allows individuals who voluntarily excluded themselves from all casinos with the lifetime ban option since the inception of the program (November 2004 until July 24th, 2017) to request to be reinstated ONLY if it has been five years since the date they signed the form.
    NOTE: The process for requesting reinstatement will be to complete and submit a form available only from the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission. Individuals who complete this application must wait for written confirmation that they have been reinstated before re-entering the wagering area or gaming floor of a casino. Expect this process to take at least 1-2 weeks.
  • Those wanting to voluntarily exclude themselves can complete a form to choose either a five-year option or irrevocable lifetime ban. Either of these options is exclusion for the wagering and gaming areas only, and does not apply to the other non-gaming amenities at a casino. Here is the new form.
  • To begin the exclusion process, a patron can go to a casino, gambling treatment provider or download and complete from this website and get notarized. It includes several places that a patron must either initial or sign to leave no doubt and be very clear on the form which option they choose; and if it is the lifetime ban; it is irrevocable and not eligible for reinstatement.

Going forward, there will be four status designations in our exclusion database for a patron:

  1. Lifetime Prior — Persons who signed the lifetime self-exclusion form prior to July 1, 2017.
  2. Reinstated — Persons who signed the lifetime self-exclusion form prior to July 1st 2017; have been banned for at least 5 years and have successfully completed the reinstatement process and been confirmed.
  3. 5-Year Ban — Persons voluntarily signing this ban option after July 24th, 2017 will be excluded from the wagering and gaming floor area for five years from the date signed on the form. They will automatically be reinstated at the end of their 5 year ban.
  4. Lifetime Irrevocable — Persons voluntarily choosing to sign this ban option after July 24th, 2017 will be excluded from the wagering and gaming floor area for life, and there is no option to revoke this designation in the future.

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